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I believe in the power of community engagement and open communication.  I invite your input on the following issues I am focusing on in my run for Mayor of the Village of Cloudcroft:
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Parks & Recreation Enhancement
  • Economic Growth & Small Business Support
  • Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  • Responsible Development, Affordable Housing & Preservation of Village Charm
  • Transparency & Accountability in Government

I believe in EARNING your vote as Mayor and hope you will give me that chance by joining me in building a resilient and vibrant future for Cloudcroft!


I recognize that strong infrastructure is the backbone of a thriving community. I will prioritize investments in essential areas such as water, sewer, roads, heavy equipment, public bathrooms and trash cans. I will work closely with local, regional and state agencies to seek funding opportunities, ensuring the village has modern and efficient infrastructure that meets the needs of our residents and visitors.  My vision for Cloudcroft centers around addressing these critical infrastructure needs. Recognizing the importance of reliable sewage systems, well-maintained roads, essential heavy equipment, and a reliable water supply, I plan to tackle these pressing issues head-on. Additionally, I recognize the significance of public convenience in a tourist destination and aim to provide accessible public bathrooms and strategically placed trash cans throughout the village to maintain the cleanliness and convenience that our residents and tourists deserve!

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Cloudcroft's parks and recreation offerings cater to outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking a serene and scenic getaway, making it a truly unique destination which is set apart from other destinations in New Mexico. As an outdoor enthusiast and former marathon runner, I recognize the importance of parks and recreational spaces in enhancing the quality of life in Cloudcroft and in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for our residents and visitors of all ages. I will focus on revitalizing existing parks, developing new recreational areas, and improving facilities to provide ample opportunities for community members and tourists to engage in outdoor activities. I will work with local organizations and seek partnerships to expand recreational programs and ensure that Cloudcroft remains a desirable place to live and visit.


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I am a strong advocate for driving economic growth in Cloudcroft and I firmly believe in empowering local businesses and property owners by ensuring they have a voice and a seat at the table. I understand the vital role that small businesses play in the success and vibrancy of Cloudcroft. As a local small business owner myself, I am committed to fostering an environment that supports entrepreneurship, encourages innovation, and attracts new businesses to the village. I will work to ensure new village ordinances are in place to protect our local business community and will streamline existing ordinances to help local entrepreneurs thrive. I currently own/operate the Burro Street Trading Post and have owned The Burro Street Exchange for the past decade. Through these entrepreneurial endeavors, I have gone above and beyond to support aspiring business owners in Cloudcroft by helping over a dozen entrepreneurs establish their businesses in the village, and I will extend that same support to future entrepreneurs in Cloudcroft!

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As a former Marine, I understand the importance of public safety and emergency preparedness. I will work closely with local law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency services to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors. I will advocate for increased funding for public safety initiatives, implement proactive measures to address crime and emergency situations, and support comprehensive disaster preparedness plans.

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Preserving the unique character and charm of Cloudcroft is one of my top priorities. I am particularly interested in responsible development practices that address the issue of affordable housing in Cloudcroft. I recognize the importance of accessible housing options for all residents and will work collaboratively with organizations, developers, and property owners to find viable solutions that preserve the village's character, while allowing opportunity for anyone to realize the dream of living in Cloudcroft. In working closely with residents, businesses, and community organizations to ensure that any development projects align with the values and vision of the village, while also promoting sustainable growth that benefits all residents and visitors, we will ensure that future generations can enjoy living in Cloudcroft with the same pristine landscapes that captured my heart 30 years ago.

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I believe in open and transparent government that actively involves the community in decision-making processes. As your new mayor, I will establish regular town hall meetings, where residents and business owners can voice their concerns and ideas directly to me. I will also implement policies to ensure transparency in government operations, including open access to financial records and clear communication channels between the village administration and YOU! I firmly believe in empowering local businesses and property owners by ensuring they have a voice and a seat at the table. By incorporating their perspectives and needs into decision-making processes, I aim to cultivate a vibrant and prosperous Cloudcroft.


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