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Craig Turner Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Cloudcroft, Bringing Years of Experience and Passion for the Community

Cloudcroft, 8/29/2023 - Craig Turner, a dedicated and experienced resident of Cloudcroft, has officially declared his candidacy for Mayor. With a deep-rootedPublic safety and emergency preparedness are top priorities for Craig Turner. He is committed to ensuring that emergency services have the necessary resources and training to effectively protect the community. Turner also emphasizes responsible development practices that preserve the village's unique charm while allowing for growth and progress.

Transparency and accountability in government are fundamental principles for Craig Turner. He believes in open communication and actively seeks community input to shape decisions and policies. Turner aims to create a culture of trust and inclusivity within the local government, ensuring that the voices of the people are heard and valued.

Furthermore, Craig Turner is dedicated to addressing the issue of affordable housing in Cloudcroft. He recognizes the importance of accessible housing options for all residents and will work collaboratively with organizations, developers, and property owners to find viable solutions that preserve the village's character.

Craig Turner's dedication, experience, and passion for Cloudcroft make him the ideal candidate for Mayor. With his leadership, the village will thrive, and its residents will enjoy a prosperous and fulfilling future.

For more information, please contact:

Craig Turner


Committee to Elect Craig Turner
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