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This is the Greatest news EVER ! Craig Turner for Mayor ! The love that Craig has for the City Cloudcroft is unmatched. He works hard daily helping every person that crosses his path. Being a business owner in town, he knows the trials and tribulations of what working with people takes. He is one of the best humans I have ever met. Doesn't matter to him if it is a person down on their luck, or the President of the United States, Craig treats people the same, with respect, and love. He will go out of his way to help a stranger ( or an animal ) Craig's wife, is a dear friend to all. They are such a great team. The beauty in her heart, glows on her face. They are both extremely smart, organized, and want the VERY BEST for this little town. Cloudcroft will be protected, honored, and this town will be so proud to have him. History to be made ! Mayor Craig Turner !!! — Nancy Bright

Craig will get the job done as best it can be done … look at his history … success ! My husband went to school with him . He and his wife Phyliss are winners and will work hard to help your community ! — Loya Cobb

I have known the Turner family since theirs and my days in Sunray, Texas. Highly respected in that community. Their children were taught respect of all people, honor of our country, and freedom of our nation. Craig as a student exemplified all of the above mentioned and even took it further—- I have visited the village of Cloud Croft—-the Turners have utmost respect for the town and its people. I thank Craig for his service to our country and wish him and his family the best in his run for mayor of Cloud Croft — Lanny Crow
Retired Teacher/Coach in Texas

Craig is a kind, caring detail oriented person that truly loves his hometown and all its residents and visitors alike. He is dedicated to bringing the city’s needs to fruition and I believe that Craig is the perfect candidate for Mayor to lead Cloudcroft into a successful, bright future. — Arleen Egan

I have been visiting Cloudcroft for years & love the beautiful village. In the past few years , I have been staying in the area for months and have gotten to know Craig Turner & his wife Phyllis. They are outstanding citizens & business owners with great love and concern for the Village of Cloudcroft. Craig has great concern & great visions for the village and its residents & business owners and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him for the office of mayor. MarylinEngland Willis, Texas — Marylin England
Retired 39 yrs USPS

We have known Craig for 30 plus years. He is the most selfless good guy we know. He is hardworking and smart! Just don’t let him around your breakables…cause he’s a big guy! Haha. We love this guy. He will always be on the side of Cloudcroft residents and business owners. You won’t regret voting for Craig Turner…Mayor of Cloudcroft, NM! Stuart and Kim — Stuart Hayes

My husband & I stand on and agree 100% with everything in Craig Turner's Campaign Speech! Craig is one of the most honest, caring, friendly, committed, passionate, dedicated, goes above & beyond for everyone/animals/everything, giving, sincere, honorable, trustworthy, intelligent, there aren't enough words to describe the greatness of this man! The extreme love that Craig, Phyliss and their family have for Cloudcroft Village (Town) NM are beyond words of description! My husband & I have been to Cloudcroft Village many times since 2019 and love this unique special enchanted piece of paradise! Craig & Phyliss have personally shown my husband and I around Cloudcroft and have shared so many of their wonderful memories and their love for Cloudcroft & for all the people of Cloudcroft! Because of Craig & Phyliss we would love to retire in Cloudcroft one day, we love Cloudcroft! Craig Turner is the man you want for Mayor! — Tammi Miller

Congratulations to Craig and to Cloudcroft! My daughter and I met Craig while visiting the village for the weekend last fall. When visiting his shop we found him to be friendly, kind, and extremely personable. His conversation with us centered around the village and all it has to offer. We felt his sincere love for Cloudcroft. I've continued to get to know him through his wife Phyllis's weekly jewelry show. I can't imagine anyone having as much love and pride for Cloudcroft as Craig (and of course Phyllis)! — Dawni Nelson

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